The reflective cable that makes hazards visible

Helupower Reflect on a cable drum

HELUPOWER® Reflect from Helukabel combines electrical transmission and optical signalling in one. Wrapped with a retroreflective yellow tape (DIN 67520), it reflects light rays back to their source regardless of the angle of incidence. The "shining" HELUPOWER® Reflect can call attention to dangers and obstacles in the dark, thus avoiding a trip hazard when used, for example, as an extension cable.

HELUKABEL also manufactures HELUPOWER® Reflect in spiral form.HELUPOWER® Reflect – Cable with special reflective tape


drawing attention (i.e. to safety hazards)

Areas of use

  • law enforcement, such as the police or armed forces
  • emergency services, such as fire brigades and the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief
  • mining and tunnel construction
  • road traffic
  • entertainment industry


  • highly visible thanks to reflective tape
  • high abrasion resistance
  • UV resistant
  • screened against electromagnetic interference
  • UL-certified

Available in other tape colours upon request!

Helukabel Reflect in front of Fire truck
Marcel Poullie and Klaus Trusheim show the Helukabel Reflect