Clever Power Saver

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Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in voltage fluctuations, also known as harmonics, in network infrastructures. The reason for this is as the use of powered electronics grows, so do voltage distortions. High network quality is extremely important for highly sensitive electronic devices, however they only work efficiently at near perfect sinusoidal voltage. With the eSaver low-pass filter, eSaver GmbH, based in greater Stuttgart, has made a virtue out of necessity. The eSaver device, which is a combination of hardware and sophisticated software, captures the harmonic waves and stores their energy in a magnetic field before feeding it back into the company’s grid as active current. This has the double benefit of saving electricity while guaranteeing the operational reliability of machines and systems. For the cabling, the energy saver developers relied on HELUKABEL’s know-how and quality. The special rubber cables used in the device ensure safe and efficient operation. As a result, the monthly electricity bills at RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH have fallen by approximately 2,000 euros since November 2017.